Roboform Saves Your Passwords

by admin on February 20, 2012

Hi James Mayo here!

roboform memory stickThanks for visiting my easy money blog. Here is where I will be writing about making money online as quickly as possible. If you are just starting out with Internet marketing, my first recommendation is to be organised.

You will find that over time you could have 100′s of user names and passwords and one of the greatest time and ass saver that has worked for me has been Roboform which automatically saves all my log ins and passwords on all my computers.

Impossible for hackers to get their greedy little hands on your valuable passwords and if your computer does go down at least you know you have all your login info stored safely.


Roboform comes in the two forms. Firstly, you can have your data saved on your computer hard drive and secondly on a memory stick. Having both means that if your travelling you take your memory stick with you and still access your accounts and additionally serves as a useful backup.

One down side to Roboform is that its now changed to a yearly subscription. However, its cheap and well worth it for the time and hassle it saves!

If you would like a FREE trial on Roboform then click on the link here.


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